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air conditioning installation

Total Design Management and Installation

The services elements within most modern buildings today represent a considerable proportion of the total building costs.
The orchestration of complex mechanical, comfort cooling and plumbing services requires careful and systematic pre-planning not only at the initial stage but through all the changes and upgrading that will occur during the building’s anticipated life.

To this end, March Building Services Ltd offers a proven co-ordinated and integrated package for the total design management and installation of a project.

total commitment before, during and after installation

We offer our clients a single point of contact, thereby reducing lines of communication and paperwork
Backed by the latest technology and a professional, friendly approach we believe we can provide our clients the optimum design within their budget

We have recently completed projects with various Main Contractors based in and around Great Britain and include:

NE Cox Ltd
Lorne Stewart PLC
Barclays Bank PLC
Keyconstruction Ltd
GF Tomlinson
Birmingham City Council
Solihull Council
Leicester City Council
Wolverhampton City Council
Coventry City Council
To name but a few